Please make an appointment by visiting our Consulting Room.

Our Appointment System

If you telephone the surgery the receptionist will take some brief details about yourself including the reason for your appointment. This helps our trained staff decide the best person to deal with your query.

Please be assured that our receptionists are under the same confidentiality laws as the doctors and nurses. Their role is to assess the problem and guide you to the best person to help you.

Urgent Appointments

Once all our appointments are booked we offer a limited number of urgent telephone appointments where a GP or a nurse will call you to assess what the problem is and try and resolve it over the telephone.

These are for urgent issues that cannot wait for a normal routine appointment or until the following day.

If the GP wishes to see you following an urgent telephone call this may be at either Macklin Street, or Park Farm Surgery, dependant on where the on call GP is based that day.

We try very hard to satisfy patient demand however once we have no appointments or telephone slots left we may refer you to other healthcare providers such as The Walk in Centre.

All of our patients can be seen at either surgery if an appointment is available.

Patients not attending appointments

Most patients know that if they book an appointment with us and are unable to attend, that they should contact the surgery and cancel that appointment so we can offer that slot to another patient who needs to be seen.

Unfortunately we have some patients who do not cancel a booked appointment and this can add up to as many as 400 appointments a month.

Please be advised if you do not cancel a booked appointment we cannot offer that appointment to another patient.

Patients who repeatedly do not cancel booked appointments will be removed from our practice list and will need to register with another doctors surgery.

Cancelling appointments

Please let us know if you need to cancel an appointment either online or by calling us on

Macklin Street Surgery 01332 340381
Park Farm Surgery 01332 551021